Presentation of the Chair

At the chair of business administration and computer science directed by Prof. Dr. Franz Rothlauf, approximately 30 students annually complete their optional subject business administration and computer science. In addition to students of business administration and economics, numerous business educationalists choose business administration and computer science and data processing as their main area. Within the context of this specialization, the students will be familiarized with the basic techniques and methods needed for an effective and efficient use of company information systems. The students get to learn how to analyse company data, purposes and processes, and based on this, they will become able to develop exact information systems with the aid of appropriate information techniques.

Another focus is set on the management of information systems and the design of information systems which are characterized by optimization and planning. Since the discipline of business administration and computer science is an interfacial one, it enables the graduates to forge links between computer science and business administration and helps solve economic tasks with the support of appropriate information technologies and – systems.

The chair’s main research aims concern simulation and optimization processes as well as E-Business and modelling.

The main application aims deal with the network planning and combinatory optimization of varying areas of economics.

From a methodological point of view, the chair is working analytically and experimentally (particularly on simulation and optimization) as well as empirically (on E-Business).