Three outstanding doctoral theses at the chair of Information Systems and Business Admininstration – Congratulations

In September 2014 three theses have been successfully completed at the chair of Information Systems and Business Administration.

Mr. Nicco Graf completed his cumulative dissertation with the title “Securing Supporters’ Commitment in Firm-NGO Collaborations: The NGO Perspective”. He addressed the question of how non-governmental organizations can establish a strategic change concerning collaborations with firms without putting NGO member’s approval at risk. He pursued this question in a comprehensive experimental and empirical study and identified several effective strategies for communication. Dr. Graf will leave the JGU in November 2014. He will take on a job at the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control in Eschborn in the field of renewable energy.

In his cumulative dissertation with the title “An Analysis of the Factors Driving General and Specific Social Network Site Usage" Prof. Dr. Claus-Peter Ernst addressed the issue of the user perspective on social network sites. He studied factors that lead to an increased use of social network sites. On 2014/10/01 he left the chair and has moved to the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences as professor of information systems and business administration.

Mr. Thomas Görtz worked during his dissertation on the development of an integrated model to combine keyword advertising and dynamic pricing. His thesis with the title “Keyword Advertising and Dynamic Pricing: An Integrated Model and its Application to an Online Market Place” presents an approach to coordinate bidding prices for keywords in search engines and prices for products or services on an online marketplace. The doctorate has been realized in a cooperation between the chair and HRS – Hotel Reservation Systems, Cologne.

We congratulate all fresh doctors and would like to express our gratitude for their fine work at the chair. We wish them all the best, good luck and success for their future.

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