Honorary professorship awarded to Dr. Philipp Goedeking

In acknowledgement of his accomplishments in education and science, the Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, has awarded Dr. Philipp Goedeking the honorary professorship at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz (JGU) upon the proposal of the Faculty of Law, Management and Economics. On Friday, 29 October 2021, Dr. Goedeking was solemnly handed over the certificate of appointment at the Presidential Office of the JGU.

Since the summer semester of 2015, Dr. Goedeking has been offering the lecture "Airline Strategies", which is complemented by seminars and project theses at the graduate level.

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Goedeking, a highly renowned and respected expert in the aviation industry, as an honorary professor at the faculty.

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Masterseminar WiSe 2021/2022

Until 10.08.2021 students can register for the master seminar at our chair. The current list of topics as well as the schedule including information on registration can be found in our Moodle group .

For general or organizational questions you can contact Ms. Zielonka (j.zielonka[at] For questions on specific topics, please contact the respective supervisor directly. We appreciate your interest.

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Project Presentation WiSe 2020/21 – Entwicklung von betrieblichen Informationssystemen

On Jan. 28, 14 teams presented the results of their project work as part of the event "Entwicklung von betrieblichen Informationssystemen". Due to the current Corona pandemic, the presentations took place exclusively digitally. The aim of the work was to plan and implement an own information system. Numerous groups developed ideas suitable for the current situation. During the final presentations, the participants were also able to vote for their favorite. Here, for example, the website "Wanderbuddy" was chosen, on which like-minded people can look for hiking routes and arrange to go hiking. Another team looked at a platform for "homeschooling," where teachers and students can organize together and upload and edit assignment sheets or assign grades. In addition, a help offering site was developed, through which those seeking and offering help in the Corona pandemic can find each other, for example, to go shopping for their neighbor.

We would like to thank the other 11 groups for their many other ideas and the detailed and great implementations!

On the photo you can see our virtual classroom and get an impression of how teaching currently takes place 😉


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Seminar topics, seminar schedules and other documents now in Moodle

The new list of topics for the seminars is now available in Moodle. You can register for the master seminar SoSe 2021 until 14.02.2021. Please note the schedule and the procedure for registration described therein. Students of the Bachelor's program can also already inform themselves about the offered topics and send in their topic preferences according to the schedule in April.

We are looking forward to great interest and numerous registrations.

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Master seminar "Airline Strategies" with top-class industry partners

The corona crisis is hitting the aviation industry on an unprecedented scale. How should airlines now react strategically to ensure the survival of the company? What impact does this crisis have on strategic decisions by international banks, which finance aircrafts? These and other questions will be addressed in the master seminar "Airline Strategies" in the winter semester 2020/2021 in cooperation with high-ranking industry partners.
The kick-off date for the master seminar will be on 02.11.2020 from 8.30 to 10 am and will take place as a hybrid solution. All interested students who have already registered for the seminar or would like to find out more about the seminar and content are invited to attend.

Please register for the information event until 29.10.2020 directly with Dr. Goedeking via email:

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Seminar topics, seminar schedules and other documents now in Moodle

The Download Center will be replaced by our new moodle group. From now on you will find in Moodle the materials provided by our chair for students, such as seminar topic list, schedules, documents for scientific work.

The seminar topics as well as the seminar schedules for the WiSe 2020/2021 are now also published there and the registration period for the master seminar has started. We are looking forward to your registrations.

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Systematic Design and Application of Metaheuristics

Besides learning how to apply metaheuristics, the interactive 4-day VHB course deals with the following questions:

How to systematically choose among different metaheuristics based on the properties of the problem that should be solved?
How to systematically design efficient and high-performing metaheuristics?
How to consider problem-specific knowledge for the design of metaheuristics?


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Franz Rothlauf elected as SIGEVO chair

During the annual SIGEVO Executive Board meeting at Prague in July 2019 Franz Rothlauf was elected as Chair of SIGEVO. SIGEVO is the ACM Special Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation. SIGEVO is the scientific community which sponsors the GECCO and FOGA conference series. The chair of SIGEVO is elected for two years. Before elected as SIGEVO chair, Franz served as treasurer for SIGEVO from 2011 to 2019. The photo shows the Executive Board of SIGEVO together with the GECCO 2019 organizers in Prague.

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Dr. Adam Seredynski completes his doctoral thesis

Dr. Adam Seredynski has successfully completed his Dr. rer. pol. on the topic “On the Connectivity, Cooperation and Competition in Connected Flight Networks” with his defense on 30.11.3018. We congratulate him for the great work and wish him continued success in his professional carrier.

Mr Seredynski studied in JGU in years 2006-2008 in cooperation with SGH Warsaw and completed his double degree with a diploma thesis on “The forecasting of the transfer passenger flows in the hubs of the German Lufthansa AG: FRA and MUC”. He started working as external PhD student in 2009 after joining airconomy GmbH&Co KG which he continued after the acquisition of airconomy by Amadeus. He submitted his thesis in 2017.

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